Roda Ahmed

Norwegian Author and columnist.
She was born in Hargaisa, Somalia in 1981, and moved to Norway in 1986.

Roda graduated in Anthropology from the NTNU (Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Sciences). She masters five languages, Somalic, Arabic, Norwegian, English and French.

In 2008 Roda’s debut novel “Forberedelsen” (The Preparation) was published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, one of the largest and most respected book publishing houses in the country, and went straight into the Norwegian best selling lists.

The book received very positive reviews, and is now mandatory reading in Norwegian schools and Universities all over the country. The book has not yet been translated into English.

Roda has received writing scholarship from the Norwegian foundation “Fritt Ord” (The Free Speech Foundation ). Roda Ahmed is a regular columnist in Dagsavisen, one of the major newspapers in Norway.

She has lived in Paris, but in 2005 she moved to New York, where she is now working on her next novel,
“New York Stories.” Roda is married, and has two children.

Roda's first children's book Mae among the stars, comes out at Harper Collins Children's books fall 2017.

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